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Aging In Place – 3 Reasons Why Insanity Helps Aging In Place

What Is Aging In Place? For most people aging in For most people aging in place means living in non-medical surroundings. Some live in the home where they raised their families. Many choose to downsize to apartment living. Others move … Continue reading

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Burdened With Caregiver Guilt? – 3 Sure Fire Ways To Send Caregiver Guilt Packing!

Most of us can’t imagine working a job with no promise of time off. So why are we burdened with caregiver guilt when we feel we need a break? Super Heroes Don’t Suffer From Caregiver Guilt Caregiver guilt is a … Continue reading

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Nursing Home Abuse – Why These Horror Stories Are On The Rise

Nursing Home Abuse – Who Says There’s A Problem? Unfortunately we are hearing reports of nursing home abuse more frequently than ever before. Television newscasts, newspaper articles, and online sources are beginning to put the spotlight on this growing problem. … Continue reading

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Elderly Independent Living – A Senior’s First Choice

There are many reasons why you might feel it’s better if your aging parent doesn’t live alone. Get ready for for some opposition!!   I don’t know why I was surprised that elderly independent living is usually a senior’s first choice. … Continue reading

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Elderly Falling At Home Is Common

Elderly falling is common and you may be thinking… So What??? It’s a big deal for you as a caregiver and also for all of us as we age.  Chances are you have already experienced a fall yourself and it … Continue reading

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