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Who Is Wildred???

Wildred the caregiver

Wildred the caregiver

Let’s get the usual questions out of the way: “What’s your family like?” “Do you have any hobbies?”   “Where do you live?”  “What do you do for fun?”  You know the drill!

My husband and I have been married for over thirty years.  We have three wonderful sons and several grandkids.  (We don’t have a final count on the grandkids yet).

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been our home for many years.  My mom and a number of other relatives live in the area too.  It’s a great place but I dream of a future without snow.  We travel as often as we can get away!

One of several gardens in progress

I enjoy doing a lot of things but only my only hobby is flower gardening.  I’m always amazed at how much gardening lifts my spirits.

Now, let’s get below the surface. Who am I REALLY?

I am most definitely a people person.

I love interacting with others in person, online, and on the phone.  My outlook is usually positive and it’s almost impossible for me not to see the best in people.


“If you already have a solution for balancing: family, job, errands, doctor’s appointments, romance, friends, housework, yard work, homework, exercise, etc. etc. etc., and your life is a bed of roses”…

this blog isn’t for you!


  • Do you have a burning desire to live life to the fullest?
  • Are you ready for some relief from caregiver overwhelm?
  • Do you dream of producing a full time income while working from home?
  • Want to discover how to turn your passion into profit by working from the comfort of home?
  • Need solutions for your most burning care giving concerns from a seasoned fellow caregiver?
  • Desire to connect with someone who understands and supports you becoming the best you can be…

“If you answered “yes” to even ONE of those questions…”,

this is the right blog for YOU!

Now, back to my story….

I Almost Lost Everything!

Can you believe I put my health, relationships, and even my “faith” in jeopardy for a JOB!!

When I worked outside the home, I was only expected to produce but not enjoy my work.  I really excelled at one job and I had a lot of “perks” to prove it.

Some of the “perks”of the job were…

  • high blood pressure
  • headaches
  • twitching eye
  • frown lines
  • weight gain  (The only veggies I ate came from the vending machine.)

I had no time for family, friends, or even the vacation time I was promised.  Time off was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Thank goodness that is all behind me!

I have my family, friends, and smile back.  Health issues and frown lines are gone too.

I’m still working on the weight!

At the bottom of this page, I included some pictures to show you that I’ve really regained my life.

But before you check them out, make sure you sign up for my ebook and rss feed.

“The Caregiver’s Guide To A High-Profit Home Based Business”, is packed with life changing information to help you and your family start living the lifestyle you deserve including…

  • How to pick the perfect business for your personality
  • Why making money online is perfect for the lifestyle of a caregiver
  • How to leap frog the learning curve and get into profit mode quickly
  • How you can leave the rat race forever and earn a full time income online
  • My secret treasure chest of free online resources and tools
  • And much more…

Although this guide is a quick read, it contains money making information that can change your financial future.

“I’m so glad you stopped by my blog.  Don’t forget to comment on my blog posts so we can start a conversation.”

“I hope my content will empower and inspire you.  I can’t wait to get to know you better.”

My family is my pride & joy. Aaron, Jesse, Mom, Andrew, Me, Greg

No makeup and still no frown lines!!

No makeup and still no frown lines!!

My husband Greg, and a new friend we made in the Cayman Islands.

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    there’s no doubt that your blog has the best explanation on this matter. thanks for all you’ve done.

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