Elderly Independent Living – A Senior’s First Choice

There are many reasons why you might feel it’s better if your aging parent doesn’t live alone.

Get ready for for some opposition!!   I don’t know why I was surprised that elderly independent living is usually a senior’s first choice.

Does Elderly Independent Living Make Sense?

It depends on who you ask.

A recent poll shows that almost 90% of people aged 60+ would like to stay in familiar surroundings.  Even if they need some assistance doing routine tasks or have trouble maintaining their home, their home is still their castle. 

If I were trying to make a point about how seniors can still take care of themselves, I would use Betty White as an example.  At 89 years young, Betty is till going strong and living life on her own terms.

I think Betty White would be an excellent person to promote elderly independent living.  What do you think?

Elderly Independent Living – Have You Considered All The Costs?

If you’re like most caregivers, you didn’t actually have a plan in place to to take care of your elder.  Heck, there are even some of us who don’t have a definite plan to take care of ourselves as we age.

Maybe your elder is just starting to need assistance.  Perhaps a little help with the yard work and errands.  Or maybe it’s grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments.  You start to wonder if it wouldn’t be easier if your parent moved to where they could have help when they need it.

Let’s face it – It Would Be Easier For You!!

The cost to elderly independent living is not all financial.

The payment required may be our time and assistance when we don’t really feel like helping.  It may be quicker if we take over some tasks from our senior.

But if we hold our elder’s hand…
We’ll get there just the same…

And the reward of encouraging elderly independent living could be…


Elderly Independent Living Is Not For Wimps

The senior and the caregiver each will need courage and patience if elderly independent living is to stand a chance.  Emotions may run high at times but:

  • If you remember to act like the adults you both are
  • Are specific about how needs will be met (is assistance needed etc.)
  • Realize this situation is new for both of you – Neither of you will be comfortable planning your elder’s life together.

This journey will provide unexpected benefits for both of you.

Can you imagine an elephant walking a tightrope?  That is probally the best way I can describe my experience as a caregiver.  Elephants aren’t known for their grace on the ground much less on the high wire!

My high wire has been balancing my mom’s needs, wants, and desire for independence, with the daughter that I am.   A daughter who loves her mom and wants the best for her, but is time and financially challenged with the demands of two households and many doctor’s appointments.

In searching for a solution to meet each of our needs I discovered adult living communities in our area.  Being a baby boomer myself I can see some of the appeal of this particular living option.  But I’m back on the tight rope again because mom definitely doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  But we’ll keep working until we find a good fit.

Have you ever experienced this tug of war with a loved one?  If so, would you mind sharing some tips to help me and other care givers get back on track?  Any feedback to help make are relationship better would be really appreciated.  I promise to post your comments within 24 hours and will be happy to send you a link to share with your friends.

While we’re on the subject of sharing, Use the and buttons below to share this post with others balancing their caregiving duties with work and family.  Hopefully they won’t mind sharing their strategies with us.   I  promise to share all my tips.  How about you?

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