Nursing Home Falls – Is Under Staffing To Blame?

When seniors live on their own are they more prone to falling?  Or are nursing home falls just as likely?

Most people tend to think the nursing home residents will receive more attention and better care than if they had to depend on friends and family.  If that is true then why are there any nursing home falls?  Could it be due to under staffing?

Are Nursing Home Falls Preventable?

Doing a fall risk assessment is one way to prevent nursing home falls.  Since no two people are alike, a resident’s plan of care will be based on his or her needs.  Based on what is discovered in the fall risk assessment, there may be a need for some type of help in getting around.   Let’s take a look at some factors that might increase your fall risk.

  • Poor eyesight
  • Side effects of medication
  • Clutter
  • Poorly fitting shoes
  • Equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers not properly maintained

Stop Nursing Home Falls – How Much Staff Do You Need?

Most nursing home residents come to the nursing home suffering from a long term chronic illness.  They will certainly need care from the staff.  But how many people are on staff?

When you are a hospital patient and you ring for some assistance, you usually have to wait a few minutes for help.  We all know that each caregiver in the hospital has more than one patient.  On average the nursing home staff will be smaller than what you would find in a hospital.   Your loved one may have to wait for assistance.

Three Tips To Help You Reduce Nursing Home Falls

For most of us the decision to put our loved one in a nursing home was a difficult one.  We are convinced that the caregivers are more capable than we are.  Although they have more training than most family caregivers, they could still use our help.     Use these three tips to do your part in reducing nursing home falls.

  1. Make sure that a fall risk assessment has been done.  If your senior did have an assessment, make sure it is regularly updated.  Consult with your loved one’s doctor regarding medications and let the nursing home know of possible side effects.
  2. Reduce clutter – The room should have some of your loved one’s treasured belongings but do your best to have walkways clear.  Remove throw rugs, electrical cords, and anything else that may cause a trip or fall.
  3. Inspect call buttons to be sure they are working.  Practice with your senior until you are confident they know how to use them.  Many seniors injuries happen just getting out of bed, make sure they know how to call for help.

We all want our loved one to live the best life possible.  Sometimes that means having our aging parent move into our home.  Often talk of any type of moving is met with resistance.  As baby boomers near retirement age more and more senior living options are popping up.  Elderly independent living communities are being developed, and many seniors prefer these new communities.

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