Elderly Shower Products Can Be Lifesavers

Shower and bathtub safety is a concern for many older adults.  Arthritis and other conditions can make it difficult to use everyday products.  Elderly shower products can be lifesavers for both you and your loved one.

Elderly Shower Products Boost Confidence

It’s funny how a few mishaps can shake a person’s confidence.  If your aging parent had a couple of near spills in the tub, their confidence as well as their balance may become shaky.  For them it may be yet another simple task that is no longer simple.  Let’s take a look at how elderly shower products can boost confidence.

Bath Chairs And Grab Bars Are Great Confidence Boosters

Bath chairs and grab bars can be a welcome addition to the bathroom for both you and your aging parent.  Does your senior struggle with any of these issues?

  • Inability to stand for long periods
  • Loss of balance
  • Fear of falling

If your senior struggles with even one of these issues, these two products could be the solution.  Bath chairs allow the elderly to sit without worry of slipping and enjoy their shower.

Grab bars in the shower area help you stabilize your footing as you leave the tub.  Installing a grab bar near the toilet is also a good idea since some seniors lose their balance getting up.

There’s No Shame In Using Elderly Shower Products

The first time I ever purchased or even researched an elderly shower product was when my mom was coming home from surgery.  She probably could have used some help sooner but was ashamed to admit it.  When she got her shower chair and hand held shower, she was as amazed as this baby at the freedom it gave her.

Here Are Your Takeaways!!!

  1. Elderly shower products help reduce slips and falls.
  2. Seniors regain confidence in their abilities to take care of themselves.
  3. Elderly shower products save time.  As their confidence grows seniors complete their tasks more quickly.
  4. These products foster independence.  Sometimes with a little help from these type of products, the elderly can reduce the amount of outside help needed.

Please share this post with other caregivers and seniors in your life.  It could be just the ice breaker needed to get a conversation going.  I know that I could have shared this information with my mom a few years ago.  We would have been able to talk about it because it was coming from a third party.

Maybe we would have gotten some senior products before we needed them, maybe not.  At least we would have had an idea of what products were available to help reduce senior falls.

Use the and buttons below to share with friends and family.  Don’t let them be as in the dark as my mother and I were.

Thankfully there are so many products that make life easier for caregivers and seniors.  I will be focusing on a couple each month and could definitely use ideas on what to start with.  Please share any senior products that are making your life easier with our fellow caregivers.  I’ll post your tips and comments within 24 hours.  Remember any tips you have to share will make it easier for all of us.

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