Is Your Bathroom “Senior Safe”?

Your bathroom may be the most dangerous room in your home.  Wet slick surfaces make it easy to lose your balance.  When you make your bathroom “senior safe,” you reduce the threat of accidents for everyone.

You can tell bathroom safety wasn’t on my mind when you come to my home.  I color coordinated and accessorized that bathroom as if my life depended on it.  I never once thought about making an effort to prevent accidents.

Bathrooms Not “Senior Safe” = Overflowing Emergency Rooms

My bathroom isn’t the only one designed for looks instead of being “senior safe.”  Did you know that slips, trips, and falls are second only to motor vehicle accidents for personal injury?

The CDC gave some startling statistics on bathroom injuries for ages 15 and up:

  • Each year 235,000 visit emergency rooms due to bathroom injury
  • More than one third of injuries happen while bathing or showering
  • More than 14 percent occur while using the toilet
  • The bathroom injury rate for women was 72 percent higher than for men

Fortunately some fixes are quick, easy, and not too expensive.

Start Making Your Bathroom “Senior Safe” Today!

Sometimes when we think of making improvements we overlook the small things.  I’ll share three quick fixes I did to get my bathroom on the road to becoming “senior safe.”

  1. Improve lighting – Increase the lighting in your bathroom to help elders see more clearly.  My mom appreciated the extra wattage in the overhead fixture.
  2. Install non slip bathtub treads – Who knew such a small investment would make such a difference?  They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. (No need to change your color scheme!)
  3. Keep a clear path – While bath mats and other accessories really look nice, they should be out of the way until needed.  Tripping is not fun!

Becoming “Senior Safe” Helps Everyone

Reducing accidents doesn’t just happen.  Now that we know just how many injuries occur in bathroom accidents, we can make some changes to keep our families safe. Don’t be another statistic for the CDC.

Remember, a “senior safe” bathroom increases safety for everyone.

You can help make home bathrooms safer by sharing this post with friends and family.  If your friends are anything like mine, they haven’t thought about anything other than a clean bathroom!

Use the  and  buttons below to get the word out.  Together we can make a difference in home safety.

My next post will share some elderly shower products that have made life easier for my mother.  As a caregiver I’m always looking for tips and strategies that make life easier for my mom as well as myself.  Any comments, tips, or suggestions you have to offer will be appreciated.  Don’t be shy, we caregivers have to stick together.  Your comment may be just the thing someone was looking for.

So when you email your comments to me, I post them within 24 hours so we can keep the conversation going.

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One Response to Is Your Bathroom “Senior Safe”?

  1. Sandra Smits says:

    Hi Wildred,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, A senior center nearby, doctor’s offices and other amenities would be great. Looking for a three bedroom two full bathrooms either apartment, condo or single family home. Looking to pay between $1100 – $1400. Utilities included would be great. Important that neighborhood is safe and easy to get around. I have an old mother that will be living with us. We also have two cats.

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