Senior Falls – Injuries Go Hand In Hand

Did you know there is a double standard for how to react to falls?

When children fall, you’re supposed to shrug it off most of the time.  Whenever your aging parent falls, sound the alarm!  Senior Falls And Injuries Go Hand In Hand.

Here are a couple of mind blowing statistics:

  • $30 billion annually is spent on healthcare related to falls.
  • Medicare costs alone for hip fractures as a result of falls is projected to be 240 billion dollars by 2040.

I never thought much about the danger of simple falls until recently.  Although I’m far from being a kid, I don’t put myself in the “senior” category either.

The truth is…

  • If my mother didn’t have so many health issues
  • I wasn’t my mom’s caregiver

I wouldn’t be writing about how senior falls and injuries go hand in hand.

But since this is my reality, (and probably yours too), let’s examine some reasons why these falls are so serious.

Senior Falls – Causes And Hidden Dangers

Older adults are more susceptible to osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become more porous, less resistant to stress, and more prone to fractures.  Osteoporosis is a chief cause of fractures in older adults, especially among women.

Some medications give you a higher risk factor for osteoporosis.  Talk about a “catch-22”!

There are other dangers from senior falls besides broken bones.  Many seniors are taking several medications just to keep their conditions in check.  Missing a dosage because of falling and not being able to get up can have serious consequences.

Senior Falls Cause More Than Physical Injury

There may be lasting emotional trauma too after falling.  Some seniors are so afraid of falling that they restrict their activities.  I personally know of someone who seldom goes out in winter because they “might” fall on the ice.  I don’t bother to say they “might” fall at home too.

It’s really a shame the same fall you experienced as a child can have such a different effect as you age.  Now that we know senior falls and injuries go hand in hand, we should try to minimize what risks we can.  Do it not only for your loved one, but for yourself as well.

It is my hope that you are reading this post without having a loved one experience a serious fall.  Unfortunately, I have already gone through this frightening ordeal.  In my post, “Elderly Falling At Home“, I share how my mom’s fall gave me the fright of my life.

I encourage you to share this post on and using the buttons below.  Help all those you care about become more aware of the dangers of seniors falling.  I also invite you to share any insights you have about anything that would benefit caregivers.  You are in the trenches just like I am and we can help one another, and the whole care giving community.  I’ll do my part by posting your comments within 24 hours.  Just shoot me an email , I’d love to hear from you.

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