Elder Abuse Statistics Revealed – 3 Alarming Facts Statistics Don’t Tell You

asian abuse victimThe latest elder abuse statistics are devastating.   The National Center on Elder Abuse estimated that more than a million seniors suffered abuse or neglect in a single year.  The estimate in the NCEA report is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Heart Wrenching Truth Is That Most Abuse Goes Unreported.

What Is Abuse?

Abuse is any form of mistreatment that results in harm or loss to an older person.  Here are some common forms of elder mistreatment:

  • Physical, sexual and emotional abuse
  • Neglecting an older person you are responsible for
  • Taking or misusing an elderly person’s property or finances


abuse ignores ageFact #1 – Statistics Didn’t Include Baby Boomers Suffering Neglect 

Baby Boomers make up about 26% of the total U.S. population.  Did you know 10,000 Boomers join the ranks of seniors daily?

The astonishing reports of one million neglected and abused seniors doesn’t even include Baby Boomers!

I’m not a math whiz but even I can see the number of elderly doubling in the near future!

Fact #2 – Ostrich Syndrome Is Alive And Well

ostrich syndrome People suffer from the Ostrich Syndrome when they prefer to stick their heads in the sand instead of facing unpleasant situations.     The fact that one in ten seniors will experience some form of abuse is one unpleasant truth we can no longer ignore.

Elder abuse statistics also demolished another piece of our comfort zone.  The idea that abuse victims fit a certain demographic is simply not true.  Casualties can be found from every walk of life, and every type of family.

Fact #3 – These Statistics Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Did you ever hear the phrase: “Mind your own business?”

Are you aware that minding your own business could make the elderly easy prey?

There are a couple of ways minding your own business makes it easier for abuse to creep in:

  1. You become a living example of the saying: “Ignorance Is Bliss”
  2. If you don’t acknowledge the problem, you won’t be responsible for the solution

Minding your own business helps us put on blinders so we don’t see abuse around us.  Elderly victims too ashamed or afraid to speak up won’t be included in the statistics.

Statistics Change All The Timeelder abuse stop it

Recent elder abuse statistics paint a pretty disturbing picture for millions of seniors.  The good news is there are resources to help us become familiar with abuse signs and symptoms.

Knowing what to look for and the proper steps to take if you do spot elder abuse can make a huge difference.

Remember…It’s our future too!

Wildred the Caregiver

Wildred the Caregiver

It’s astounding to discover that so many of our elders have become victims of abuse.  I must confess there have been times when I chose to live life with blinders on.  I realize now that staying in my comfort zone may put someone else in danger.

Elder abuse should be everybody’s concern.  Share this post with your friends on and .  Together we can change these statistics for the better.  Not just for our elders but for ourselves too.new yellow rose copy



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