Caregiver Stress Or Caregiver Guilt: Which Comes First?

Don’t you just hate those questions that seem impossible to answer?  You know like: “Did the chicken or the egg come first?”

If you’re suffering from caregiver stress or caregiver guilt, “Does It Really Matter Which Comes First?”

Caregiver Stress Can Make You Feel Like A Passenger On A Runaway Train

  • Are feelings of overwhelm your constant companion?
  • Is your “to do” list growing like it’s on steroids?
  • Have you forgotten the last time you had “free” time?
  • Do you find it hard to concentrate? (Even on this blog post?)

If you answered “yes” to just one of these questions it’s likely you’re on the “Caregiver Stress Express!!”

True Confession Time – I’ve found myself on the train many times.  I thought I had caregiver stress out of my life for good.

I Was Wrong!!

But it’s not all bad news.  My trips on this runaway train are less frequent and the time on board is shorter too.

If You Suffer From Caregiver Guilt – You’re Not Alone

Caregiver guilt often attacks when we are stressed out.  If you are a family caregiver, it’s not uncommon to be juggling the needs of multiple generations.

Some of us caregivers are now being a parent to our parents.  “I know firsthand how hard it is to keep your balance on that tightrope.”

Have you heard the phrase: “Love Conquers All”?  Do you believe it?  If so, you may be setting yourself up to become a victim of caregiver guilt.

Think about it…..

No one person can meet every need or desire of another by themselves.

Let’s make a pact to cancel as many pity parties as we can!  We can send caregiver guilt packing by knowing we did our best for our loved one.

The Dangers Of Caregiver Stress And Caregiver Guilt

Caregiver stress and caregiver guilt can be hazardous to your health.  It’s not overly dramatic to say these issues can be as serious as…

A Heart Attack!!!

Stress and guilt aren’t exclusive to caregivers but we seem to have a double portion of these negative emotions.  This dynamic duo wreaks havoc on our physical and emotional well being.

I’d like to share a stressful situation my mom and I are dealing with right now.

Please read my next post, “Caregiver Stress – Is Your Health In Danger?”, for a glimpse of some of the challenges I face as a caregiver.  The post will include some of the side effects of caregiver stress and combat strategies for stress too!

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