Elder Financial Abuse – 4 Strategies To Avoid Elder Financial Abuse

What Is Elder Financial Abuse?

Elder financial abuse happens when the senior’s funds, property, or assets are used improperly.

The abuser could be an institution or even the very people we choose to give our power of attorney to.

Elder Financial Abuse – Is Elder Financial Abuse The Crime Of The Century?

According to Fred Joseph, president of the North American Securities Administrators Association, “Elder financial abuse is becoming the crime of the 21st century’’.

A recent Metlife study shows financial exploitation of the elderly is up 12 percent, with more than $2.6 billion taken annually. In more than half the cases, the offenders are trusted friends and even family.

Anybody Can Be A Victim Of Elder Financial Abuse

Sometimes we forget that the rich and famous have problems like the rest of us.

Mickey Rooney revealed that he was abused for several years by family members.   His abuse included denying food and medication, and taking control of some of his assets.

Injuries From Elder Financial Abuse Can Be Fatal!

Financial exploitation doesn’t leave physical scars but the wounds run deep.

This type of abuse not only steals the elder’s resources but robs their trust and self esteem.

4 Strategies To Avoid Elder Financial Abuse

Now that you are aware of the seriousness of this issue, its time to put some strategies in place to protect our loved ones and ourselves:

  1. Put assets in a trust
  2. Use yearly credit checks to protect against identity theft
  3. Inventory valuables & jewelry (keep photographs in a separate location)
  4. Avoid financial scammers – Get caller id

Don’t wait another minute to start using these strategies.  Your loved ones are counting on you to protect them.

Watch this brief video from Wildred and make sure all your bases are covered.

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By the way…

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