Adult Living Communities – Discover The Truth About Adult Living Communities

Adult living communities are one of the many living options seniors have today.  Let’s take a moment to separate the truth from the hype about adult living communities.

All Adult Living Communities Are Alike…False!!


My mother has some friends that needed some assistance and  moved into an adult living community.  Mom keeps telling me, “I’m not like them.” “I don’t need that much help.” My mom thinks all adult living communities are are alike.

Although she won’t admit it, my mom was surprised to learn that there are so many types of adult living communities.  The type of living units as well as services and amenities offered can differ greatly.

Are Adult Living Communities For Active Seniors?You Be The Judge

Being active is a matter of perspective.  Some people think being active means taking out the trash instead of letting someone else do it.  Others define being active as doing enough cardio to break a sweat.  Adult living communities usually have activities at each end of the spectrum and also choices in between.

Adult Living Communities – Who Can Afford It?

This is one of my mom’s favorite reasons for not moving from her apartment into one of the adult living communities I found in our area.  She sees places which have more features than her current apartment and assumes they are out of her reach.

I was shocked to discover that regular, everyday people are living in these communities!!

Some communities are beyond mom’s budget, but many are the same or even less than her current rent.  (She’s still holding out on moving though.)

Adult Living Communities – Check Your Family At The Gate

Adult living communities – in most cases the title says it all!  Many of the communities have age restrictions in place and are proud of it.

Everything is geared toward the benefit and enjoyment of older adults.  Most of these communities won’t have a playground for your visiting grandkids.  It doesn’t mean that your family isn’t welcome to visit you.  They just don’t encourage long extended stays.

Some people enjoy living with only their peers.  Others enjoy living in a mixed generation community.  Thankfully their are many options we can explore to find the best fit for our elder.

It’s funny how being a caregiver for my mother has changed my thinking about my own aging.  My husband and I went to check out one of these communities for my mom and actually liked it for ourselves!

But the age restriction really has me thinking.  I have great memories of spending summer vacations with my grandparents.  We would not be able to offer our grandchildren the same experience in this community.  I have a little while to think about it, but right now aging in place has a little more appeal to me.

I’d like to ask a favor.  Would you be willing to share any info you have, or your opinions about adult living communities?  I’d really appreciate any insights to help me move forward in my own search for the best community.

Please use the and buttons at the bottom of the page to share this post with friends and family. This is a subject that applies to more than just the caregiver community.  So the more feedback the better!!  I’ll send you and email within 24 hours with a link to view your comments.

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